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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tips Look Fabulous at 40

Though one cannot defy age or reverse the ageing process, but one can certainly camouflage it for good and take supplements that could help in maintaining your looks.

Beauty care kits – This isn’t a quick fix but a fixed fix! Buy anti-ageing Products, wrinkle reduction cream and face packs to take care of your skin and its health. Online shopping sites are full of these anti-ageing beauty kits that work wonders in the process of retaining the youthful charm and glow effectively. Scour through the web for such options and make purchases at discounted prices.

Wrinkled neck– The most common sign of ageing, wrinkled neck can mar your personality to a great extent. To hide this, go for collars and bandhgalas. They are in vogue and give a very dainty and regal look to a lady. Wear suits that have standing collars or Chinese collars and see the change.

Apple shape body– It’s smart to layer your outfit with a jacket or highlight your slender waistline to divert attention from the heavy top. Wear a thick belt or V-neck tops to bring attention to other parts.

Pear shape body – Best is to wear clothes that highlight your shapely top. Wear accessories like earrings, chunky neck pieces and anarkali suits to take away attention from problem areas.

Thinning hairs– Go for a fresh cut that lends volume to your manes. Shorter hairs look fuller and give a smarter look, rather than long hairs.

As mentioned above, it is a big fashion crime to dress lesser than your age! Every age has its own qualities and charm, so what is the need of running behind something that you have already lived? It is always intelligent to live life gracefully and enjoy what comes to you with time. 40 is the time to look elegant, sophisticated and sheer charming, so dress right!

Dump your sexy hotpants or short skirts! No, not even if you have an enviable pair of well-toned legs. Leave it for the younger lot!

Look for silhouettes and good fits. Baggy is for that teenage rebellious phase when you are making new fashion breakthroughs. Enhance your curves by picking clothes that fit perfectly, thus giving you a slender and chicer look.

Say not to neons and fluorescents dresses! In case you can’t do without these pop colors then include them in your wardrobe intelligently. Go for a neon ring or heels or may be a dash of it in nail paints. But nothing against your face!

Break fashion trends and don’t go by what fashion diktats tell you. Wear what suits and compliments your body and stuff you would be comfortable in. You might try with chunky jewellery and other accessories though!

Selecting Perfumes For Women

If you smell good, you will be considered with much more seriousness and positivity, which is why you should take care of a few basic factors when you have to invest in the best perfumes for women. One of the first things that you need to consider in buying perfumes is the brand of the fragrance. Some of the best perfumes are known because of the brand lineage that they hold. When a perfume brand is a good one, the kind of fragrance that is offers is also bound to be the best.

When you are seeking to stand out in a crowd wherever you go, it is important to consider using an exotic fragrance. If you choose to flaunt the best oriental perfumes for women, you may be able to make sure that you become a head turner. The use of a unique perfume helps you in setting a signature style for yourself. With the help of a good perfume, you can be sure of the world knowing about your presence and appreciating it.

When you buy oriental perfumes and if you are experimenting with them, it is also important to make sure that you choose the fragrance that feels soothing to you. If you buy without proper information, you may end up with a brand or a fragrance that does not feel right to you. It is important to make sure that you are most satisfied with the perfume that you choose to use on a regular basis. If you make a careful and an informed choice, you can be sure of having a perfume fix to last you for a lifetime.

Make Skin Lighter

Milk is a natural bleach. You can use different milk in a combination of different materials to lighten the color of the body and arms. This could take the dirt accumulated on the surface dull. Make a paste of milk (use of milk cream) with refined flour (maida) and apply the desired part. When it dries rub gently. You will see peeling pasta and flour to obtain significant results.

Milk is also a natural skin lightener. Use raw milk to make a paste with sandalwood powder, rice flour and a spoonful of rose water. Apply a thin layer all over your body. When it dries a little scrubbing with the aid of a small rose water. It also helps to relieve the area of the forearm that becomes dark for whatever reason.

Lemon juice is an excellent cleanser and natural bleaching agent. Make sure that you do not have a body eruptions, pimples or acne before you apply lemon juice as a brightener in the arm for healing. Because when you use lemon juice makes your body may feel a burning sensation, which is not dangerous but it will because you get sick. Apply lemon juice with a cotton ball all over your face, hands and exposed parts of your body. Allow to dry. When it dries completely wash it off with warm water.

Keep cucumber juice in the refrigerator. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply on the body and the arm or the desired part. when you come home after a day in the sun. Cucumber juice is cooled not only relax you immediately, but also reduce sun tan. (This also reduces dark circles around your eyes as well.)

Honey cooperate with lemon juice and glycerin is an excellent skin moisturizer. Mix equal amount of honey, lemon juice and glycerin and it will bring a lot of unwanted natural light to brighten your skin and your skin immediately.

About Qualities of Sunscreen Lotion

SPF is short for Sun-protection factor. All sunscreen lotions and gels have SPF printed quite prominently along with the actual SPF value on the pack. Dermatologists will always advice you to use a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. There are products available whose SPF count is higher, you might find lotions with SPF 40, 50 and 50 too in the market.

The sunscreen should be able to help you ward off the harmful effects of UVB and UVA rays that cause damage to skin-cancer in extreme cases. There are certain components that you should look for in a sunscreen. These include benzophenones (oxybenzone), cinnamates (octylmethyl cinnamate and cinoxate), sulisobenzone, salicylates, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and avobenzone (Parsol 1789). If you want complete protection against sun then go for broad-spectrum sunscreen lotions.

Also keep in mind what kind of skin you have. Applying a sunscreen on oily skin which makes it look sticky and even more oily is of no use! Then again, moisturising sunscreen is the best option for dry skin so that it doesn’t look wrinkly due to lack of hydration.

It is also important to take care of specific needs of athletes. If you exercise out in the open (like running or cycling) or like to swim in the hot weather, then a sunscreen which is water resistant fits the bill perfectly. Otherwise you will just end up washing the sunscreen on your body away with sweat/water.

There are certain sunscreen lotions available today in the market that doubles up as a makeup base. These tinted sunscreen lotions act as a mild foundation so that while going out, you do not end up with layers of cosmetics on your skin.

Any sunscreen will work best if it is applied properly. Be generous while applying it on your skin, instead of just dabbling a bit on your face and neck. Also, apply it at least 20 minutes before you venture out in the sun. Also remember, that you must reapply the sunscreen every 2-3 hours and wear protective clothing also to avoid skin-tanning and cancer.