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How To Choose Between Doula Vs. Midwife

Every woman needs someone there for them while they give birth, the question is who. There are countless choices of how to give birth and who will aid in the procedure. For most women, the procedure will take place in a hospital with the aid of trained medical professionals. To assist in the birthing process a doula or midwife will most likely be needed. The choice can be difficult but it usually comes down to what kinds of help is needed.

The question of doula vs. midwife is a matter of whether medical care is needed or if emotional support is needed more. A midwife is a trained medical professional with an acute understanding of the birthing process. A doula is more of an emotional support to aid in the physical rigors of giving birth. Either choice is fine, but the type of support offered between the two can be very different.

To understand which would be the best choice it might be a good idea to consider the qualifications of either position. A midwife will be required to have a general certification of secondary education as well as other certifications. They are trained medical professionals, so their approach to the birthing process is much more clinical. A doula requires far less formal education but is still highly skilled nonetheless. There are several courses required to become a doula as well as a minimal amount of attendances to births.

Typically, a midwife will attend a birth at a hospital where a team of medical professionals will see to the needs of the mother. The midwife will record the mother’s vitals and make sure her needs are taken care of according to her wishes. A doula is usually selected for home births where medication will not be used. For those who prefer a more natural approach, a doula is usually preferred. However. a midwife should never be ruled out simply because they take a more clinical approach to birth. Either choice will serve the needs of the mother well, but the personal feelings of the mother will need to be considered carefully.