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It is Really Expensive to Live Here

I knew that when I got the choice, but it was not really a choice in fact. The company wanted me to come here and while they did some things to make it less irksome, there was little doubt that they intended that I move to San Jose CA and assume this new position. Whether I liked it or not was not a big deal. They gave me some money for the move and I suppose I should have paid a mover, because now it looks as though I shall need a San Jose chiropractor to fix my back now. I discarded or gave away a bunch of stuff, then I rented a moving truck along with this thing that would tow my car behind it. That was the mistake. I never even got out of town with that thing, because I realized that the car would come off of it unless you were always going straight. I hurt my back trying to get the car back on it.

At any rate I took that thing back and managed to rent a trailer that you could haul a car on. That worked great, but obviously you have to always remember that you are pulling it behind you. If you do not remember it then you might run a yellow light and have the trailer running a red light for example, or you take a left turn where the truck is fine and the trailer is not. I improvised the part where I got to unload the rest of the stuff. When I got there I unhooked the trailer and then I started unloading the stuff that I could. Eventually I ran into these two teenaged boys who were willing to help for 20 dollars each. I only needed one, but I figured for that they could save my back more pain.