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Lip Color For Dark Skin

Compare your skin with fabrics.

Another good way to find out if you are warm or cool-toned is by comparing your skin against a white or black towel in the same diffused lighting. White brings out the best of cool-tones and black brings out the warmer ones.

Observe your wrists.

This method will help you learn the exact color that is naturally blended into your skin. Take a look at your wrist and observe the most prominent color that seems to be reflected. Most often, you may also see a combination of more than one color. This would also help determining the category of dark-skin tone you belong to.

Pale or cool yellow with a hint of green or golden: Basically, you are in the category of olive, coffee and caramel skin which stands for a tan undertone.

Greenish yellow or ashen skin or golden to red tonal variation: Your skin is dark tan with a warm undertone.

Natural beige reflections or yellowish and golden shades that create a slightly sun-tanned effect: You are brown.

A warm red tone or blue-black shades: Your undertones are either bronze or ebony.

Once you are clear about your undertone, you should pick lip colors that are closer to those undertones in terms of temperature. In other words, the first rule is to go for warm colors for warm undertones and cool colors for the cool tones. And to be more specific, here are a few examples:

Tan-skin: You can pull off reds and oranges as well as metallic shades.

Dark-tan: Try deep plums, browns etc.