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Make Skin Lighter

Milk is a natural bleach. You can use different milk in a combination of different materials to lighten the color of the body and arms. This could take the dirt accumulated on the surface dull. Make a paste of milk (use of milk cream) with refined flour (maida) and apply the desired part. When it dries rub gently. You will see peeling pasta and flour to obtain significant results.

Milk is also a natural skin lightener. Use raw milk to make a paste with sandalwood powder, rice flour and a spoonful of rose water. Apply a thin layer all over your body. When it dries a little scrubbing with the aid of a small rose water. It also helps to relieve the area of the forearm that becomes dark for whatever reason.

Lemon juice is an excellent cleanser and natural bleaching agent. Make sure that you do not have a body eruptions, pimples or acne before you apply lemon juice as a brightener in the arm for healing. Because when you use lemon juice makes your body may feel a burning sensation, which is not dangerous but it will because you get sick. Apply lemon juice with a cotton ball all over your face, hands and exposed parts of your body. Allow to dry. When it dries completely wash it off with warm water.

Keep cucumber juice in the refrigerator. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply on the body and the arm or the desired part. when you come home after a day in the sun. Cucumber juice is cooled not only relax you immediately, but also reduce sun tan. (This also reduces dark circles around your eyes as well.)

Honey cooperate with lemon juice and glycerin is an excellent skin moisturizer. Mix equal amount of honey, lemon juice and glycerin and it will bring a lot of unwanted natural light to brighten your skin and your skin immediately.