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Make Up Training

When you train as a Make-up Artist, you will receive expert teaching from industry recognised professionals, as well as gaining a professional qualification of your own. When it comes to getting jobs after your training is complete, having that qualification will put you ahead of those who haven’t received any formal training. Through your course you will develop a portfolio of your work, which will be an asset to finding work once you’ve qualified.

During your make-up training you will gain real-life experience of theatrical make-up, fashion make-up and many more, in order to help you develop your skills. You will also gain experience on sets and shoots with professionals, experience that will benefit you greatly after you’ve finished your course. Having completed make-up courses recognised by the industry, you will also be entitled to industry discounts, which will help you save money when purchasing products for your make-up kit.

The great thing about professional make-up artistry is that there are always new techniques being developed to produce even better results. Even after you’ve completed your initial training, it’s important to continue to learn and courses, such as those in High-Definition Make-up or Theatrical Make-up will enhance your skills to make you even more sought after, as a Make-up Artist.

Make-up courses are a key way to get started as a Make-up Artist and can be taught at your local College or University, as well as in independent Make-up Schools. Courses vary in length, but specialist courses such as High-Definition Make-up can be completed in the space of a few days. As with any sort of training, you get out of it what you put into it, so throw yourself into it and you’ll become a skilled, experienced Make-up Artist ready to work in the industry.