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My Back Was Causing Me Sleepless Nights

I was feeling tired all the time, and that affected every area of my life. I was not sleeping well, but I knew that it was not my mattress causing me my restless nights as others had suggested. I have slept on the couch, in the spare guest room, and even on the floor once, but I could not get a good night’s sleep. When I went to my doctor, his only recommendation was to see a chiropractor in San Rafael. I knew that he was not passing the buck, because he has always provided my family and me the best care possible.

He gave me the information for the chiropractor that he has used in the past, and I knew that was the best recommendation I was ever going to get. i contacted the number he gave me and was able to set up an appointment for the following day. I was so happy that they could get me in that quickly because frankly, I was just exhausted. I needed to have whatever was wrong fixed so I could finally get a good night’s sleep.

When I went for my initial visit, the chiropractor took my family medical history and asked me some questions such as what I do for work and what active hobbies I have. I do enjoy jogging, but that is something else that I had not been able to do for several weeks. He then did a physical exam on me, and he was able to determine just from that that my back was out of alignment. He performed an adjustment on me right then and there, and I could feel that something happened. I was not able to explain it, but I felt better. I went back several more times in the following weeks, and I am now sleeping just fine. It all had to do with my back!