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How Cigarette Smoking Affects You.

Statistics show that the health of a smoker is at risk and they do not get jobs easily. Preparing for what to expect in an interview and drafting a professional resume is better than smoking. This article will discuss why it is hard for a cigarette smoker to find a job and keep it.

It is hard to find a job

Statistics have it that there a high likelihood for a non-smoker to find a job compared to a smoker. Studies show that there are negative effects that come with a smoker finding a job. During an interview a smoker is unable to focus and answer questions as asked due to the addiction from nicotine. This lack of concentration comes off quite poorly. Smokers smell of cigarettes and are unable to make a first imimpressionith any would-be employer. Smokers tend to be consoled by a cigarette. All these habits and concerns above are the same and all go to say that it is hard for a smoker to find employment.

Paid Less

We all now that it is not easy to find employment, this is even worse for smokers as they do not get jobs easily. Non-smokers are paid more compared to smokers. This is a reason to get rid of smokers in an organization. Reduce smokers in your company first and increase earning abilities.

Expenses Increase

The expenditure of a company is high due to smokers. For the comfort of non-smokers, an organization has to adjust its priorities for smokers. Smokers would rather buy cigarettes than groom themselves, buy new clothes or even same money for transport. Their lack of prioritizing on their well-being makes it harder for them to get jobs as no employer wants to employ an unkempt person.

If a smoker wants to quit the habit there are several options. Vaping is cheaper than normal cigarettes. The water vapor found in a cigarette once breathed in and out is known as vaping. When vaping no ninicotines inhaled. Vaping is cheap and less haharmfuln the long run.

When vaping one does so with some e juice and it is a lot cheaper the other cigarettes. The finances of a smoker improves if a smoker vaps.

Increased Employment Chances

To quit smoking or never attempting to smoke makes an individual a candidate for most jobs. Practicising what to expect during an interview increases the chances of being hired. When trying to get a job it is important to study the likely questions that are asked during an interview.