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Tips Look Fabulous at 40

Though one cannot defy age or reverse the ageing process, but one can certainly camouflage it for good and take supplements that could help in maintaining your looks.

Beauty care kits – This isn’t a quick fix but a fixed fix! Buy anti-ageing Products, wrinkle reduction cream and face packs to take care of your skin and its health. Online shopping sites are full of these anti-ageing beauty kits that work wonders in the process of retaining the youthful charm and glow effectively. Scour through the web for such options and make purchases at discounted prices.

Wrinkled neck– The most common sign of ageing, wrinkled neck can mar your personality to a great extent. To hide this, go for collars and bandhgalas. They are in vogue and give a very dainty and regal look to a lady. Wear suits that have standing collars or Chinese collars and see the change.

Apple shape body– It’s smart to layer your outfit with a jacket or highlight your slender waistline to divert attention from the heavy top. Wear a thick belt or V-neck tops to bring attention to other parts.

Pear shape body – Best is to wear clothes that highlight your shapely top. Wear accessories like earrings, chunky neck pieces and anarkali suits to take away attention from problem areas.

Thinning hairs– Go for a fresh cut that lends volume to your manes. Shorter hairs look fuller and give a smarter look, rather than long hairs.

As mentioned above, it is a big fashion crime to dress lesser than your age! Every age has its own qualities and charm, so what is the need of running behind something that you have already lived? It is always intelligent to live life gracefully and enjoy what comes to you with time. 40 is the time to look elegant, sophisticated and sheer charming, so dress right!

Dump your sexy hotpants or short skirts! No, not even if you have an enviable pair of well-toned legs. Leave it for the younger lot!

Look for silhouettes and good fits. Baggy is for that teenage rebellious phase when you are making new fashion breakthroughs. Enhance your curves by picking clothes that fit perfectly, thus giving you a slender and chicer look.

Say not to neons and fluorescents dresses! In case you can’t do without these pop colors then include them in your wardrobe intelligently. Go for a neon ring or heels or may be a dash of it in nail paints. But nothing against your face!

Break fashion trends and don’t go by what fashion diktats tell you. Wear what suits and compliments your body and stuff you would be comfortable in. You might try with chunky jewellery and other accessories though!